Fundamentally JudoLaunch gets your product into the hands of customers in the German Amazon market to jumpstart your products' rankings.
We maintain an audience of German Amazon customers, hungry to receive awesome products from great brands.

Imagine checking seller central 3 weeks from to see a large jump in organic sales


Here is what you can expect:


1 Initiation

You send us one-time use promotional codes for the products you would like to launch (1 day)

2 Qualification

We scan our pre-vetted audience for customers who have a true need or passion for your product (2 days)

3 Execution

We drip out your codes over the span of 7 -14 days to a highly pre-qualified audience


4 Follow up

We follow up with each and every customer to ensure that their experience with your products was nothing short of fantastic. We will alert you and follow up ourselves with any customers whose experience with the product was not excellent.



JudoLaunch is a hand-held, concierge launch service. We are there the entire time, from beginning to end